Record numbers of hearings at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court

In 2013, following recommendations from consultations, the UK government formed the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.  It was introduced as a small claims track for intellectual property disputes, as a low-cost and less complex alternative to the High Court for settling IP disputes. The IPEC is particularly suited to small companies… Read more »


Sign up to our Webinar!

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Join us for a webinar, hosted by Intellectual Property data provider PatSnap, in which we discuss how IP insurance can protect the products, technology and innovation of businesses. Erik Alsegard and Lewis Parle from our IP team will be talking about the benefits of IP insurance on 21st March at… Read more »


NPEs in Europe

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A new report recently published by the data provider Darts-IP details the prevalence of litigation in Europe brought by ‘Non-practicing entities’ (NPEs) over a 10 year period. The report summarises a few findings, including: In the period 2007-17 there was a modest average increase of 19% in NPE involvement in… Read more »


IP strategies for SMEs

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The European Patent Office have recently published an insightful series of case studies analysing the IP strategies of a number of European-based SMEs. These case studies provide an overview of IP strategies of businesses in different industry sectors, which include areas such as managing patent portfolios; entering partnerships and monitoring… Read more »


High value intangibles

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This week, the World Intellectual Property Organisation launched their inaugural study on the value of “Intangible Capital” in manufactured goods. The report examined manufactured goods in the period 2000-2014 and highlights the extent to which intangible value, such as brand value and intellectual property, contributes to the overall value of… Read more »


Geographical indications – is whisky ever port?

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Port vs. Whisky and Geographical Indications You may have heard of the rules governing the use of certain geographical names in products. For example, you can’t claim to sell sparkling white wine called ‘Champagne’ unless it is produced in the Champagne region of France. Another example is the Cornish Pasty…. Read more »


Indemnity clauses in IP – read the fine print!

When businesses enter into contractual negotiations, there are dozens of priorities in mind, the main one usually concerning getting the deal done! However, the provision of indemnities under contract are an important area to consider and it is vital that businesses identify where these are in place, because they can… Read more »


Patent infringement defence cover for Technology and Life Science companies

We have been offering stand-alone IP cover, including for patents, for several years. However, many CFC customers across our US and UK product lines may not necessarily purchase stand-alone IP cover. That’s not surprising, seeing as intellectual property is a bit of an abstract concept for many businesses, and few… Read more »